I started playing guitar at the tender age of 6. My mother taught me Beatles songs on her 1961 Harmony 335-style guitar. Later my grandfather introduced me to Chet Atkins and I taught myself Travis-style fingerpicking. Through the years I went my own way with guitar. Drawing from such idols as Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more. Playing in Rock and Blues bands through high school with musicians almost 3 times my age.

Soon after I started college as a pre-law major, I played in university bands and was convinced by Dave Parmen, the Director of Music and former John Mellencamp guitarist, to take a few of my music classes after hearing me play at a local club. The next semester I switched majors to music. Concurrently learning piano, banjo, mandolin and steel guitar. After Vincennes I transferred to Ball State to pursue a double major in Classical Guitar Performance and Psychology–as well as taking music technology and composition courses. 

Once I finished school at BSU, I moved to Indianapolis where I taught guitar, composition and music technology – also performing nightly in bands or solo at restaurants, private engagements and composing music for video games with the European music house, DeffMute. At the same time I juggled an  internship as an Audio Engineer at a high profile studio in the city.

After several years in Indy I was offered a position to manage the audio department at a studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – wearing many hats such as mixing, composing and engineering for radio, TV and documentary film. After Metro Studios I went to work for a client, American Visions Group where I composed music, sound design, edited and mixed for documentary film.

2011 I moved to Nashville to continue my career in music. I currently perform with bands on Broadway, produce and engineer albums and singles, also sought after for studio guitar work and songwriter.

Outside of my passions for technology and music I’m also an aspiring/wanna-be chef, yoga fanatic, a decent fisherman and the best dad I can be to my son Gabriel.

Bio Stats

Birthday: October 14
Hometown: Kendallville, IN
Current City: Nashville, TN
Favorite Guitarist: Too many to list
Favorite Composer: Mozart
(needs more)